Recognized by many Nashville music industry leaders as America's number one Christian Country music group, The Fox Brothers are a household name among Christian Country music fans, as well as many fair and festival goers throughout the United States, making this group a brightly shining star of Christian and country music. They are known for their close family harmony and their onstage comedy. The Fox Brothers have a unique ability to entertain audiences with their style of humor while keeping a serious tone to their music and message.

Roy, Randy, and Lynn Fox are the only children born to their parents, Gilbert and Mildred Fox. They were raised in a small frame house in Bending Chestnut, Tennessee, a small crossroads community located in southwest Williamson County, just west of Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee.

Their father was a minister and pastor. He also owned and operated a local lumber business and sawmill with his brother, T. C. Fox, Jr. This is where Roy, Randy, and Lynn worked during the summers and at other times while growing up, especially during their high school and college years. They also sang during many revivals and church services where their dad was asked to preach. With a strong Christian guidance from their parents, along with the experience of working with their dad and uncle at the sawmill, the boys learned much about honesty and work ethic during their formative years.

During their childhood and teenage years, the Fox Brothers performed at many local charity events, revivals, and area churches in Middle Tennessee. They also did some early recording and appeared on several local television shows in the Nashville area.

However, it was not until after the brothers' teenage years that their music was noticed by industry professionals. It was at that time that Roy, Randy, and Lynn began to make some vital career decisions. Their first single releases in the Southern Gospel music field "In The Middle Of The Night" reached the top 20 in the Singing News Magazine charts, and another song "It's Time For Love" was the group's first top 10 single in that same chart.

The group's appearances at the world-famous Grand Ole Opry have given them instant fame and credibility among country music fans worldwide. "We love to perform at the Opry", said Lynn Fox. "Every time my brothers and I get to perform on that stage, we are fulfilling our childhood dreams."
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