In addition to their televised Grand Ole Opry appearances, The Fox Brothers have performed on numerous popular television shows. The group served as hosts of the televised 7th Annual USAGEM Awards in November 2010, which was aired on the Family-Friendly Entertainment Network. The Fox Brothers have performed several times on the annual "ICM Awards", sponsored by the Christian Country Music Association. This televised show has been aired on GAC, TCT, TBN, and other networks. The group has also appeared many times on "Sunday Mornin' Country", a program filmed for television from the Grand Ole Opry House. This show is sponsored by the Music City Christian Fellowship and is held during the annual CMA Music Festival in Nashville. The Fox Brothers have also made guest appearances on "Nashville Now" on The Nashville Network, and "Crook & Chase".

The Fox Brothers have produced several music videos including "Long As I Got You", "If That Ain't Love", "Tending To Todd", and "Squares". These videos have been featured on television networks such as GAC, TCT, the Family-Friendly Entertainment Network, plus other networks and shows that feature music video programming.

The Fox Brothers are best known for their radio hits "Like Ol' Hank", "Tending To Todd", "Squares", "Red, White & Blue", and "It's Time For Love". The group has enjoyed many other number one Christian Country radio singles in the Christian Country and Country Gospel music charts including "Turn My Life Around", "Red Top Mountain", "Cradle Of Love", "Say It Now", "He Broke The Law", "Backslider's Prayer", "Yours", "In This House", "If That Ain't Love", and "Tell God Goodnight".

Another aspect of The Fox Brothers' appeal is their comedy. Roy Fox evokes tons of laughter from audiences with his always glib, sometimes excited, occasionally befuddled character whose two favorite subjects are food and politics. He bounces his off-the-wall, unconventional humor off his quick-witted straight man brother, Lynn Fox.

Roy Fox was presented the "Comedian Of The Year" award by the Country Gospel Music Guild in 1999; the trophy for "Comedy Act Of The Year" from the Christian Country Music Association in 2002 and 2003; and the "Comedian Of The Year" award from the United States Association Of Gospel Entertainers & Musicians in 2009 and 2010.
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